Our Activities

History of the Association
In 2008 Queen's University of Belfast Alumni Association of Malaysia was founded and it started with just 12 members.  It was registered under the Registry of Society and held it's first Annual General Meeting on ____.   Though the association is young, the connections between Queen's alumni has been strong since _______.  To continue the tradition of powerful connection that we possess, it's members decided to have an official association now called Queen's University of Belfast Alumni Association of Malaysia or QUAAM for short.

Since its debut in 2008, the number of members continue to grow.  

Why you can be part of the association
Networking is the Key to Success.  That is what every successful individuals live by.  As we understand the needs of strong connection, we are your platform to reach to those who are either in your field of interest or outside.  Brining opportunity after opportunity to your table.  We also want to know about your expertise and connections.  Together, we shall be the best association where every one of its members benefit from this Great Vine Leave of Ours.

Our Aim
Networking is our main aim.  We understand your needs and we are here to make it happen.  Let's be together and with being in one association, you will REACH YOUR GOALS is a FASTER PACE.
The Story continues
The association understand your needs to experience the life when you were in Belfast.  The traditions when we were in Belfast are now translated in Malaysia where we continue to have the Annual Merdeka Night which was later changed to Annual Malaysian Night.  

We also do social gatherings, golf tournaments and many more.

How you connect with others
First you need to be a member of the society.  You may fill up the online form submit it online and hand in or mail your cheque to Queen's University Alumni Association Malaysia.  

Alternatively, you may bank in your cash or cheque to:  

Account Bank: Hong Leong Bank
Account Name: Queen's University Alumni Association Malaysia
Account number: 01200130339

Our full lifetime membership fee is currently on a special rate of RM150.00 for life.  Hurry and you will still be able to catch this attractive membership registration fee.

Once you are a member, you will be able to attend our events at a member only rate and benefit from our activities.  

We are active in our Facebook Group where our members interact with each other.  We are also have our Facebook Page where we place announcements, photos and videos from the association.  Lately we even have a video message directly from Queen's University of Belfast.  We shall have our own YouTube Channel soon too.

We want to hear from you
Every thought is important to us.  Your ideas are being heard here and we will make it happen with the help of our members.  Come join the loop and you will see how you can benefit from being part of this fast growing association.